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Timing Belts in Hampton, VA

The timing belt is something you think of so infrequently that you likely don't know what it is, and that's okay. Unlike your oil, windshield wipers, filters, and tires, which show obvious signs of wear and need to be changed frequently, timing belts give no clear indication to the untrained driver that there might be a problem. Terry's Transmission & Auto Repair is your local expert on timing belts in Hampton, VA, and the surrounding communities. We have the answers to your engine and transmission questions and provide the service you need at affordable rates. Whether you are approaching the time to replace or the check engine light has come one, make us your service center.

Unlike other engine repairs, timing belt replacement requires getting into the engine. Peeling the series of parts, rings, and accessories to get to the timing belt is a job best left to an experienced mechanic. Our ASE-certified mechanics have replaced thousands of timing belts and finish the job in less time than other shops. Save more on labor and get back on the road faster when you choose our transmission shop.

Timing Belts in Hampton VA

Chain & Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt is a crucial component of the engine that must be replaced at the manufacturer's recommended distance. Failure to do so puts you in unnecessary risk of complete engine break down and disaster. Turn to us when you are in need of timing belt replacement for an affordable rate.

We'll provide you with a quote for the labor and parts, with your choice of after-market timing belt. Our mechanics have the equipment, tools, and expertise to complete the job in a timely manner.

The lifetime of a timing belt varies with the type, material, and wear. While timing belts should always be replaced at the manufacture specified time, it is safe to assume 30,000 to 50,000 miles is an appropriate measure of its lifetime.

Mechanic Recommendations

Timing belt replacement may have been your only concern coming in. While we will respect your decision, we highly recommend changing the water pump, tensioner, and pulleys that serve the timing belt to avoid further issues. A failure on either component can lead to valve and piston damage and more costly repairs. Choosing to replace these components is only a fraction of the cost it will take to dismantle the engine and replace them later. Rather than charge yourself double, save the cash by taking care of it at the same time.

Replace your car's timing belt without breaking the bank. Contact us to request an estimate for the cost of a timing belt replace in your vehicle and see how much you can save. We serve clients in Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg, Virginia, and the surrounding communities.