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Engine Rebuild in Hampton, VA

Even with regular maintenance, tune-ups, and fluid changes, there comes a point when every engine will need a serious overhaul, repairs, or timing belt replacement. While you cannot choose when this will happen, you can choose which mechanic to turn to for an engine rebuild in Hampton, VA. At Terry's Transmission & Auto Repair, we help you understand the ins and outs of your vehicle's engine, as well as which service options make the most sense for your car and your budget. Bring your car to our shop for a engine diagnostic and estimate for the cost of service.

Engine Rebuild in Hampton VA

The Car Engine Rebuild Specialists

While you are driving, does your engine sputter or make loud knocking noises? Have you noticed white exhaust? These are telltale signs that your car engine is in need of repair. Bring your car in for an assessment and let us show you how a car engine rebuild is a wise choice.

A car engine rebuild involves disassembling, cleaning, replacing parts, and reassembling the engine. This comprehensive approach allows us to address numerous minor pieces that would otherwise go overlooked. Once complete, the combination of new parts and a clean engine results in better performance from your vehicle's engine.

Engine Replacement

Only a trained professional can determine whether car engine rebuild and engine replacement is the correct service. You can trust our mechanics to guide you to the appropriate service for your car and not for our coffers. We set a high standard at our shop by staffing our service center with ASE-certified mechanics. Backed by advanced training in automotive repair and customer service, you can expect superior auto care and a better customer experience.

When Is Car Engine Replacement Necessary?

Is your engine on its last miles? Then car engine replacement is an economical and viable option. Ultimately, the vitality of your car's engine depends on the level of upkeep and maintenance provided over its lifetime. Most new car engines have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years or 150,000 miles, but regular maintenance can extend its duration, even doubling it in some cases.

Commercial & Recreational Truck Engine Rebuild

Expect the same attention to detail and professional service, but for your truck. Individuals and commercial clients know they can trust us for a fair quote for any truck engine rebuild. We work with all brands domestic and foreign and provide the solution you need at an affordable price.

Keep your car on the road for years to come with comprehensive engine service from our auto shop. From rebuilds to replacements, get the service you need from trained professionals. Contact us to request a tow truck to transport your vehicle to our location. We serve clients in Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg, Virginia, and the surrounding communities.